If You Held A Gun To My Head And Forced Me To Teach You The Absolute Best Way To
Attract Dozens Of Loyal Home Buyers….


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…it would be our incredible Home Buyer Seminar. Yes it’s true, I have worked with hundreds of home buyers, but I have NEVER worked hard to get them one at a time. Rather than giving this awesome buyer presentation over and over to each buyer, I simply do it once, to the entire group.

What if you could give one buyer presentation to 12 couples instead of 1? What if you could use MY presentation which does all of the converting and convincing for you? Do you think that your income may go up? What if you could do this every month? We have agents right now that are doing this every month, and closing lots and lots of “ready to act” buyers. If an agent follows these step-by-step instructions, their results are astounding each month.

WARNING: Before we go any further, if you consider yourself a professional speaker, this will NOT work for you. If you want to be on a stage, this will NOT work for you either. This is not a big time, flashing lights event. It is simply you at a basic roundtable meeting, showing the people in the room how they can buy their first home and why they should use you.

“A Home Buyer Seminar is the easiest way to be perceived as a valued realty advisor, rather than a commission hungry salesperson.” – Greg Luther

These events are marketed as a free informational class which will teach people how to buy a home and take advantage of local foreclosure properties. As of right now, these people are scared to death of buying a home. Only one hour after meeting you and hearing your presentation, they will trust you and BEG you to represent them on a home purchase. Check out these results…

“Greg, I had 12 buyers at my last buyer seminar and I got 7 of them in contract to buy a house using me as their agent! I am really looking forward to the results of your follow-up campaign to secure an even higher percentage of buyers at each month’s seminar!” – Gary Raze Eugene, OR

Here is what we are doing!

I have compiled hundreds of pages of notes from my own events, as well as confidential conversations with our coaching members all over the United States. I have documented everything from choosing a location, to room set-up, to lead generation and email reminders to send to the potential attendees. We’ve even created an amazing Powerpoint Presentation which you can use to give your presentation. With this presentation, you can literally just “click and read” and look like a genius! You will have a note card with the most important talking points so that the attendees will look at you as the trusted advisor.

We’ve built in a “soft sell” in your presentation so that you can secure buyer appointments that evening and we’ve also created an awesome follow-up plan so that you can get nearly ALL of these attendees into your office within 45 days of the event.

This is truly a COMPLETE step-by-step system with all of the nuts and bolts included so that any agent can pull off an outstanding event and put lots of commissions in your pocket. I’ve documented everything in a way that you can copy it for yourself, clear down to the sign in sheet!

If you are truly interested in working with a large number of highly qualified buyers, Realtors all over the US have already proven that this is the best way to do it. I’m going to teach you EXACTLY how these agents do it and ensure that you can have your first successful event within two weeks of learning the system.

You will then get all of the handouts, forms, emails, ads, samples and more along with a recording of the live training so that you can refer to it as needed. You will be able to practice with the Powerpoint Presentation and will even get a checklist so that you don’t miss anything for your first event. I WANT YOU TO PROFIT FROM A SUCCESSFUL EVENT NEXT MONTH!

Your investment for this entire training is $497 and you will receive 45 days of unlimited support to get your first event completed and get the buyers in contract on the home. I’ve even agreed to break the investment down to two payments of $248.50.

Satisfaction Guaranteed! I want you to take this training and learn all of this valuable information. If you are unhappy with the material or if you feel that you can’t make BOATLOADS of money just like the other Realtors have, simply let me know and I will give you a 100% refund of your investment, no questions asked.

This means that you have nothing to lose by taking this awesome training.  I want to show you the best way to put dozens of closings into your bank account and you DO NOT want to miss this training system.  Simply click on the “Add To Cart” button to get everything emailed to you now.  Your first payment will be processed immediately, with the final payment being charged in 30 days.  Let’s get you some good qualified buyers to create several closings. Click the button below to sign up.


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or 2 Payments of $248.50

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